How to whiten your old athletic shoes?

You want to get your super comfortable white crossfit shoes to look as white and clean as possible? Well, there are several easy and cheap ways to that with some common household products and tools.

First of all, make sure you brush any dirt or other residues off of the shoes. Then take a bowl and mix a tablespoon of baking soda with half a spoon of hydrogen peroxide and half a spoon of water. Mix them until you get a nice soft paste.

whiteningRemove the shoe laces of your crossfit shoes and use a toothbrush to cover the surface of the trainers. Get the surface into the white uppers and brush intensively so that you get the dirt out as well. For better results, repeat the process and add another coat of the past on the shoes with the toothbrush. You can place the shoelaces in the mixing bowl and make sure they are covered with the cleaning paste as well.

Place the crossfit shoes and the laces in sunlight and let the paste dry and start cracking. This can take up to 3-4 hours depending on the intensity of the sunlight and the temperature of the air.

Remove the dried paste by clapping the shoe’s outsoles together. Most of the mixture should come off, but you can use the toothbrush to remove any remaining dried paste. Now your favorite athletic shoes should look much whiter and lighter.

Another method for whitening your sneakers is to use rubbing alcohol to get the rubber parts of the outsole white and clean, or using whitening toothpaste and an old toothbrush to actually wash them. Apply the toothpaste to the dirty spots or to the entire upper, and them use a damp cloth to rinse it off.

You can also try whitening your running shoes with all-purpose cleaner or Dawn dish shampoo. Again, apply it with a toothbrush and wash away with a damp clean cloth.

bleachWatered down bleach can also do wonders if used correctly. Apply the properly diluted bleach to the dirty white areas with a toothbrush and wipe any excess liquid away with a towel. Just be careful!

You can also wash your shoes in the washing machine. First, wash off or brush off any residue or dirt, so you avoid clogging and damaging your washing machine. Make sure you place a few towels or other cloths in the washing machine so that they don’t hit the drum. Remove the shoe laces and throw them in the washing machine as well. For the safety of your machine, you can place each shoe in a pillow case. When you take them out, make sure they dry completely. Remember that washing and drying them can shrink them a little, so be careful especially with the drying. Let them dry naturally, away from heat sources and the direct sunlight.

If after all that washing and thoroughly cleaning you shoes still small foul, try our tips for eliminating odor of shoes and boots.

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