How to eliminate odor of your boots

First off, prevention is better than cure, so stop the odor from developing at all, rather than removing it after it has developed. Kill the odor bacteria and don’t let it thrive. Moisture and warmth are their best friend, so eliminating them is winning half the battle.
Now, throw all your non-cotton socks away. Always wear your boots with socks and change the socks daily. This is very important!
Last, but not the least – make sure you purchase only good high-quality work boots. Any compromise on that will cost you a lot. Cheap materials are usually used to make cheap shoes. Cheap materials simply do not cut it when it comes to eliminating odor. Cheap materials in boots usually make feet sweat more. Sure that helps fungus and bacteria spread freely, and your feet start stinking.

walking in stinky shoes
For any fungus related smell on your feet, consult your doctor. He/she would prescribe you the best medicine to treat your feet. In the meantime, start developing good habits when it comes to wearing and caring for your work boots properly.

  •  Buy quality work boots. It’s worth it. When you are spending 8 hours a day, 5-6 days/week in your boots, you deserve the treat your feel well. It is more than just a matter of eliminating odor, it is a matter of comfort.
  • Get a second pair. Strange as it may seem at first, getting a second pair of boots, would definitely prolong the life of both pairs. Rotate them daily. Give the boots the time to dry (dry them on the porch in the summer or use a boot dryer in the winter/. Clean them every day. And your feet would feel much better.
  • There are a number of ways to get the smell out of your boots, let’s look into them more closely:Throw them in the freezer – although it seems quite popular, I can tell you from first –hand experience that this freezer trick don’t work
clean the boots everyday
clean the boots everyday
  1. I’ve put all my boots in the freezer not once but twice without any effect. This one is also not hygienic at all – after all you store food in the freezer, don’t you? Verdict: don’t work
  2. Make shoes inserts from socks (non-smelly ones!) Fill the socks with baking soda, stick the openings and attach some strings, so they can be easily removed! At night put the inserts in your boots for easy home-made odor removal. In the morning your shoes and boots would be good to go. Our verdict: Good enough
  3. Using antiperspirants. Verdict: Kind of works. Temporarily
  4. Spay with rubbing alcohol mixture, let dry overnight. By far this is the most efficient solution that works. Mix rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) with water in 1:1 solution. Spray a couple of times into your boots, let dry. Your shoes would smell really fresh in the morning and would have dries completely. Also take care of your feet – wash them every time you get home and rub some alcohol in them. That is it. Say goodbye to smelly feet. Verdict: Our preferred solution

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