Quick Back to School Cleaning and Organizing

Now when the summer is almost over, we need to think about our little ones and their adjustment for the school days. To make this transition easier, we as parent need to clean and organize their items so they can get back to school fresh. Why do we need to start now, you may ask. Well, everyone and his dog is doing it already – there are only two weeks before the school starts.

school dog

First things first – see what fits and dispose of the other items

Check the backpacks carefully. It you deem they are good, quickly clean them with a damp microfiber towel. Rub well the dirty areas. If you really need to, use some mild soap to remove the stains. Some backpacks are machine washable – if yours is, put it in some old pillow case and throw it in the washing machine. It will be as good as new soon after that.

Children clothes and uniforms – much like the previous point. Check what fits and is in good condition, then dispose of the other clothes. You don’t want to stock them, as they occupy too much of our valuable space.

Get through the school supplies from the last year
Pencils, notebooks, pens, rubbers and sharpeners. Check their conditions, and only buy items you don’t already have. You will see that you will save quite a lot simply reusing some of the last year’s supplies.


Phones, tablets, laptops
Well, that’s strange, you might thing. You don’t think often of cleaning those items, do you? The fact is, your cell phone is 300 times dirtier than a public toilet! Don’t let the bacteria got on your child. To remove bacteria, mix equal parts of distilled water and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Give the electronics a good wiping.

Dress and athletic shoes
Much like the clothing, shoes are expensive. To get the most of them, try to thoroughly clean them – wash in the washing machine anything you deem suitable from the athletic shoes. To make sure you won’t ruin them, just insert them in an old pillow case. Hand wash with a brush and mild soap the rest of the shoes. Don’t forget the inserts too – they are often forgotten part of the shoes. Rub them well. Then get everything out to dry on the sun.

Thoroughly clean your child’s locker
Lockers are prone to bad smells only few weeks after their owners are on vacation. It smells bad. Clean the locker either with automatized wet wipes or with the mixture we made for cleaning the backpack. It will smell much better. During the school year make sure you check it weekly for any left-over food.

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Well, that is all. Get off to a great start, people!

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