Cleaning and organizing are my passion. Ever since I was little girl, I loved organizing my dolls clothes, my mother’s shoes and my father’s tools. My room was never messy, as I loved order. When I grew up, this little passion turned into part of my day. I couldn’t function properly if the house is not in order. the perfectionist in me never sleeps, obviously.

As the years went by, I learned that this is actually a job that never ends, and I simply won’t enjoy the little things in life, if I keep cleaning to the same perfection I used to. Now I cut ll the unnecessary tasks to the basic one. My home is clean enough and it does not bother me anymore if we miss doing some task. I dimply make sure we don’t miss doing it repeatedly.  Even our cat knows her responsibilities and makes sure she does not miss doing them.

cleaning cat

I developed an organizational schedule that helps me stay on top of it all. I leaned to delegate tasks to the other members of the family, so it both helps us spend some fun time together, keep our home clean and no one is doing it all.

Sure everyone has his/her own sense of how clean their home should be and that is ok. I simply share what works for us. I’ll be more than happy, you can benefit from my advice or if you suggest some tips we may all benefit from.

I’ve split my cleaning schedule into daily, monthly, seasonal and occasional tasks. As I organize everything I make sure everyone knows what they have to do and what is the deadline for the daily and occasional tasks. This way they can work on their own schedule. Doe the weekly and seasonal cleaning, I’ve found that we work best together.

Come and check how we actually do it. It is fun!